Why You Might Be Experiencing Pain In The Arch

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Yes, you are quite correct. The arch is the covering of an intimate entrance portal to your back garden. Or part of an historical or Neolithic architectural construction of monumental proportions. But there is probably a monumental construction of more importance to your physical well-being right now. It lies in the nether regions of your body. It is in the foot. The arch can be found just under your foot. Patients who experience acute pain in the arch area on a regular basis could find themselves in therapy with an orthopedic surgeon who, after close diagnosis, is obliged to implement his arch pain harrisonburg va procedures.

Part of which requires the patient’s own participation. One of the things the patient needs to do is to listen very carefully to what the orthopedic surgeon prescribes as treatment going forward. This has to do with purchasing a pair of arch supports and the appropriate footwear. If the issue of physical pain is more protracted, the orthopedic surgeon has the authority to prescribe pain-killing medication. But this is to be a temporary measure. Long term use of painkillers, whether they are prescribed or not, could potentially inflict patients with any number of side effects.

While the patient takes his medication in the interim, the orthopedic surgeon could have commissioned his prosthetics partners to build a pair of custom arch supports, unique to the shape and size of the patient’s feet. But in general, why would you be experiencing arch pain, assuming that it is not yet serious. This is a problem that particularly afflicts ladies who hanker after high fashion and high-heeled, stiletto-like shoes. Their feet are narrow to begin with. And they have high arches. But arch pain is also familiar to those who may be heavily overweight.